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Vancouver, Washington Farmers Market Guide

The Vancouver Farmers Market is currently celebrating its 30th year in 2019, and this summer there are more markets to shop at than ever before! Check out the list below and mark your calendar for upcoming markets across Vancouver!


The original farmers market taking place in Downtown, Vancouver is the second largest in Washington State and features over 250 vendors! Open every weekend March-October, rain or shine! 605 Esther St, Vancouver, WA 98660

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One of the easiest ways to liven up an apartment is by adding a few house plants to each space. Not only do plants help purify the air by removing toxins, but they double as decoration and will instantly transform the look of your space!

Some apartments can feel small and may not have the best natural lighting, so today we are sharing 4 low maintenance house plants that are ideal for apartment dwellers!


One of the easiest plants to maintain is the Aloe Vera plant.

Popular for its medicinal gel that alleviates burns and scrapes, this plant is great to keep on hand in the kitchen.

No need to worry about this plant when you leave on vacation- Aloe Vera holds water in its leaves, meaning they can go quite a long time without water!


This popular climbing plant enjoys indirect sunlight and minimal watering- although it does thrive in humid temperatures, so misting this plant is a great way to keep it lush, especially during dry months!

English Ivy looks beautiful as a hanging plant or cascading down a bookshelf. Plus their clippings make great gifts and centerpieces!


Snake Plants are consistently praised for being fast growing and easy to care for house plants. one of the reasons they’re perfect for apartments is that they thrive in just about any lighting, and don’t need much TLC!

Their sharp and pointy leaves make a great statement piece in your living room or bedroom!


Most known for bringing good luck and fortune, why wouldn’t you want to own a Jade Plant?

This popular and unique looking succulent doesn’t need much attention, but thrives best in the sunlight- Making it the perfect window sill plant!

We hope this helps inspire you to add some house plants to your apartment this spring!

For easy saving, pin the graphic below!

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What To Pack In Your 24 Hour Moving Essentials Bag

What To Pack In Your 24 Hour Moving Essentials Bag:

In our last post we shared our 6 week moving checklist- which included packing your moving essentials bag.

You may think this is a step you can skip over, but trust us when we say unpacking and searching for your things will be the LAST thing you will want to do after a long day of moving.

So take the time to pack a duffle bag or box that will be easily accessible the day of your move.

We provided our checklist as a guide to help you get started:

Congrats, you’re now fully prepared for all of the chaos of moving day!

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Your 6 Week Moving Checklist

6 Week Moving Checklist:

When it comes to moving, signing the lease is the easy part.

The weeks leading up to your move in day can feel long and overwhelming, but the Al Angelo Company is here to help!

This 6 week checklist will help you stay on top of all the details leading up to the big day.

With this guide, you’ll spend less time panicking and more time celebrating your new home!

6 weeks before:

  • Request moving day off work – moving on a Friday leaves all weekend to settle and unpack!
  • If moving out of town: Send out a formal announcement to friends, family, and coworkers. Set up a going away dinner if you feel necessary
  • Plan a garage sale or donation day- Why haul items you don’t need?
  • Schedule a moving company if needed, or simply ask friends and family to set the date aside!

4 weeks before:

  • Address any home repairs
  • Notify USPS and other business’s of address change – don’t forget monthly subscriptions!
  • Begin deep cleaning your home 
  • Schedule cable, internet, and phone installation
  • If moving out of town: Plan your route, book a hotel if necessary

2 weeks before:

  • Collect moving boxes- Liquor, grocery, and book stores often give them out for FREE
  • Schedule pet/babysitter for move in day
  • Begin packing
  • Update drivers license + voter registration
  • Change pets ID tags
  • Schedule the transfer of utilities, garbage, and gas service

Week of move in day:

  • Clean out fridge
  • Check weather for move in day – be prepared!
  • Label all fragile boxes / label boxes by room
  • Pack an essentials bag for your first 24 hours in a new home-
  • Do a thorough walk through of your old place! Take photos and video!

Move in day:

  • Wake up 1-2 hours before movers/help arrives
  • Pick up a couple pizzas to fuel friends / family (moving makes you hungry!)
  • Tip your movers!
  • Do a thorough walk through of new empty place- Take photos and video!
  • Unpack your toiletries and bedding- Make your bed and hang your shower curtain!
  • SLEEP.

Congratulations, you’re moved!

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The Best Date Nights in Vancouver, WA

Are your date night’s looking dull? There’s plenty of great spots all over Vancouver that are perfect for making new memories and traditions with your loved one!

We’ve compiled what we believe to be the best date nights that are unique to The ‘Couve:


8070 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98664

Photo via @RallyPizza on instagram

If there’s one food everyone can agree on, it’s pizza.

Rally Pizza is a fun, casual joint specializing in Neapolitan pizza and made to order frozen custard! The husband and wife team are constantly coming up with new specials and hosting community events, so no visit to Rally’s is the same.

Date Night tip: Mondays at Rally’s are ALL DAY happy hour, and they have a $10 happy hour pizza every day!


1011 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660

Photo via The Columbian

Switch up your classic movie date by catching a flick at the historic Kiggins Theatre! From Oscar nominated short films, to monthly showings of cult classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show. No matter your taste in cinema, there’s something for you at the Kiggins!

Date night tip: Pair your movie date with Niche Wine Bar, located next door to the Kiggins and offering over 30 different wines by the glass!


Various Locations

Photo via

Turn one date night into a tradition with the Brewcouver Passport tour!

 Over the past few years Vancouver’s beer scene has exploded, so much so that our city has turned visiting them into a game! Simply grab a passport from any Vancouver Brewery (Or download the free app), and start sipping your way through Vancouver.

Photo via

Date night tip: Visit all 14 locations and you’ll be rewarded with #Brewcouver swag!


1 Cowlitz Way, Ridgefield, WA 98642

Photo Via Vancouver Buisness Journal

One of the newest additions to the Vancouver area is the Ilani Casino Resort. A 15 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver and you’ll be immersed into the ultimate gaming, dining, and entertainment experience.

Photo via

Date night tip: Not a fan of gambling? Take your date to a show! The MUZE lounge offers free concerts every weekend, and the new 22,00 sf Cowlitz Ballroom will be headlining big names all summer- including Pitbull (7/15) and Amy Schumer (8/9).

Where will your next date night be? Do you have a go-to date night spot? Let us know!


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Top 5 Spring Brunch Spots in Vancouver WA

With Spring in the air in Vancouver and the downtown scene spreading like wildfire- finding a swoon-worthy brunch in the ‘Couve has never been easier!

We rounded up the Top 5 Brunch Spots in Vancouver that you NEED to try this Spring:

1. Hudson’s Bar + Grill

7805 NE Greenwood Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662

Photos via

Voted the best brunch in Vancouver in 2015, it’s only right that we start off with Hudson’s Bar + Grill. (located in the locally famous Heathman Lodge). Upon walking in you are greeted with a warm cabin atmosphere and the scent of their locally sourced rustic menu. Crowd brunch favorites include the Crispy Bread Pudding French, Crab Risotto, and the classic eggs Benedict!

Photos via

2. Warehouse 23

100 Columbia St #102, Vancouver, WA 98660

Photo by Amanda Cowan / The Columbian

Do you like your Brunch with a view? Look no further than Warehouse 23! Tucked inside the old Red Lion hotel on the edge of the Columbia River, this the perfect spot to celebrate birthdays or any special occasion. Their Knife and Fork Clam Chowder is a must try, along with their WareHouse Smoked Tri-Tip Hash (Don’t forget the side of Hollandaise)!

3. Little Conejo

114 W 6th St, Vancouver, WA 98660

Photo via

It doesn’t get much better than authentic Mexican tacos… unless you serve them at brunch.

Little Conejo is a gem in Downtown Vancouver that has won over the hearts of locals over the past year! Their special brunch menu is only available on Sundays from 10-4, making it a popular place to stop in after visiting the Vancouver’s Farmers Market. Brunch-goers are Huge fans of their Chilaquiles and made to order Churros!

Photo by Connie C.
Photo by Connie C.

4. Luxe

700 Washington St #103, Vancouver, WA 98660

Photo by @eatatluxe
Photo by @eatatluxe

If you want a classic brunch with some modern flair, then LUXE is the spot for you! Since opening in 2014, LUXE has been a Couve brunch favorite! Choose From hefty options like pulled pork French fries, and a chicken + waffle sandwich, or opt for something on the lighter side like their COBB Salad, or Pesto Primo flatbread!

5. Syrup trap Waffles

1104 Main St suite 111, Vancouver, WA 98660

Photo via The Columbian
Photo via Syrup Trap Waffles

The newest addition to Vancouver’s Brunch scene is Syrup Trap Waffles, located in the heart of downtown on Main St.

Syrup Trap specializes in Liege Waffles (yeast-based dough- rather than baking soda). Their menu may be small, but the flavors sure are big. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a Mojo Jojo (peanut butter, banana, chocolate), or go bold and order the Couve Club! (Honey maple turkey, Havarti, bacon, and raspberry preserves).